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HTTP/2 – The Internet will get faster

HTTP/2 - The Internet will get faster News is quickly breaking about the first major change to http in 16 years. If you are asking yourself what HTTP is, it stands for hyper text transport protocol and is the basic protocol that handles connections between a web...

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Your Website Page Speed is Important

Your Website Page Speed is Important You may ask yourself, why is my website page speed important? The number 1 reason is the end user experience which leads directly to the number 2 reason, it is important to Google and they will either help or hurt your Search...

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8 Best WordPress Plug-ins in 2015

8 Best WordPress Plug-ins in 2015 If you are like the other millions of website owners or developers using WordPress, you understand its value as a Content Management system (CMS) and full scale website platform. Its ease of use, scale-ability and security make it an...

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