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How can a blog supercharge your website?

I am always trying to find new ways to supercharge my website and in the process get better search results for my keywords and keyphrases. One of the cleanest ways to do this is to demonstrate knowledge in your field. (Clean because it’s a white hat technique which is deemed appropriate by Google versus a black hat technique which is deemed bad because it manipulates the search results and would risk losing search rankings for your site). One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to write blog posts as often as possible that communicate expertise in your field. This article will discuss the power of blogging, its advantages, and tips for successfully executing your own blog articles.

Find out what the advantages are of maintaining a blog on your website and tips for success.

Google has always given better rankings to websites that maintain fresh content

Fresh Content

Google has always given better rankings to websites that maintain fresh content. The reason is simple, they want to make sure they provide good search results (rankings) to websites that are relevant to the search query. If you typed a search in Google and the top 5 results were from old, outdated and non-relevant websites that would make Google look bad. This is why their spiders are always crawling websites. Google search spiders crawl your website to see and index your pages and they take note of your titles, meta tags, images, text and more. They want to be able to display the best search results possible for a person performing a search. If your website (well written or not) is published and left as is, Google will basically see tumbleweeds rolling across a desert because they will see that in fact, your website has old content that is not being added to on a regular basis. This is the main idea behind keeping a blog. It’s one of the easiest ways to kill a few birds with one stone.

  1. A blog gives you a platform to generate fresh content.
  2. It lets you write articles (aka blog posts) that showcase/demonstrate your expertise.
  3. Helps you to develop your online brand
  4. Build your business network
  5. Helps you develop an audience
  6. Get to help other people
  7. Earn credibility

Any promotion or new product/service your company has can be blogged about. Each blog post is an actual page on your website which gives you, even more, SEO reach. I make sure to search engine optimize my blog posts very effectively which give me more opportunities to earn more website traffic. Then I use the power of social media to get my ideas in front of an even larger audience. This leads to more website traffic, more page likes for your social media sites and more sales.

4 Tips for blog writing success

How can a blog supercharge your website?

Tip #1


Keep a schedule for writing your blogs and stick to it. Many excellent writers attribute setting and adhering to a schedule as one of the biggest contributing factors to their success. Pick a day of the week, even a time of day that you can set aside for brainstorming and writing your articles.

Tip #2


Write about what you know best. Its obviously easier to write about what you know or what you are passionate about. The words just seem to flow faster and more effortlessly. There is no sence is reinventing the wheel or forcing yourself to extraneous research just to write a 600 word blog post.

Tip #3


Use an outline to expedite your writing process. I’ve learned excellent writing techniques from college writing courses and one of the best was creating a template. It helps to streamline and expedite your writing process which is invaluable for me when I sit down to write my articles.

Tip #4

Get Social

Post your finished blog to all of your social media sites to spread the word and help gain traction. Social media really helps to get the word out and allows your followers and friends to share your content with other potential readers. This leads to more website traffic which leads to better Google rankings.

Finally, I hope this article helped you understand the power of blogging, its advantages, and gave you tips for successfully writing your own blog articles. If you enjoyed reading my article and learned something new today, please share it with others so they can also gain value from reading it.

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