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I received a call sometime in 2013 and spoke to a frustrated business owner about a website he had. He told me that he had built it himself, and was not happy about the SEO (search engine optimization) and ongoing seo efforts that he was paying the company in charge of “HIS” design (The Humble Beginning). After learning he had built his website on “one of those website platforms that allow you to build a website” I immediately knew what the problem was. I really didn’t want to burst his bubble and tell him that it was a stretch to call “his website” a real website. It was troubling that the company “not naming names” was taking his money for SEO services and his site was no where to be found on google. I told him that there was nothing I could do as I only work on real websites….

I did however mention that I could design him a WordPress website that would be much more flexible and professional then his current website and he agreed. This initial design (A Good Start) was before the responsive mobile friendly thing really took off and the client loved it. It did everything he expected it to and more. The most important part being my seo tactics. I did a wonderful job with the on page seo and followed it up with a great content creation campaign where we were able to build backlinks the right way by providing content worthy of linking to.

This client and I are almost never happy which is why we jumped right on the responsive mobile friendly design train and redesigned his site just because we could (Final Image). What we ended up with was a beautiful responsive website that was able to grow with the client who is extremely happy with it. His keyword ranking went from abysmal (before we started) to the top of page one today.

He once told me I helped him triple his business so I think we are on to something.

Conclusion: Be careful getting lured into those site builder websites. If you want a truly flexible and robust website that gets it all done and looks good in the process, then you are going to need the help of a designer. With WordPress being super fast to scale and design today, the prices are coming down allowing more business owners the chance to hire designers to help them achieve their goals. Throw in a WordPress maintenance plan and you are all set for success.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me and as always, I hope I was able to share some wisdom with you.


The Humble Begining

A good start

Modern fully responsive design


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