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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Are you feeling overwhelmed managing social media accounts? Are you not finding the right reach with your ads? We can help. We create demographic specific, attention-grabbing ads and we are great at deciphering advertising analytics to refine and fine-tune your paid promotions to reach the people that matter. There is nothing worse than paying for an ad that gets displayed to a user that has no use for your product or service, your basically throwing money away. Let us use our expertise to find your target audience and serve them fresh ads that they will eat up. Yum! Digital Marketing combined with Social Media Marketing is absolutely powerful and we want to show you what we can do for you.


Target Research

Proper research shows who to target with an advertising campaign. Gen X? Millenial? Male? Female? Different ads are required to resonate with different audiences.

Brand Identity

Keeping your brand in focus is paramount to maintaining a strong brand identity.

Ad Placement

We find the right social media platform(s) that are optimally suited for your type of promotion and audience.

Marketing Strategy

Clearly define the ad’s objective, then craft the correct marketing strategy for each social media marketing campaign.

Precision Demographics

Using targeted demographics allows us to a careful place your ads into the feeds of the consumers that are more likely to need your product or service. Ongoing research of analytics allows us to further refine the targeting for maximum results.


With professional photography and videography services, we make sure to keep your business’s unique products or services in center focus.

Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing combined with Social Media Marketing is absolutly powerful and we want to show you just how powerful it is.

Below is a client promo video we made and used for digital and social media marketing.

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