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Your Website Page Speed is Important

You may ask yourself, why is my website page speed important? The number 1 reason is the end user experience which leads directly to the number 2 reason, it is important to Google and they will either help or hurt your Search Engine Rankings because of this. If your site is slow to load, chances are that your visiting customer will simply hit backspace and look elsewhere for a faster loading website. This could hurt your business plain and simple. The good thing is there are tools to check page speed metrics and even more tools to help speed things up.

Now is the time to go check your websites speed by going to GTmetrix where they offer a free testing tool. It will visually show you lots of metrics about the different elements of your site and areas that you can improve on. It will also give you a grade in the final report.

Your Website Page Speed is Important

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If you are using WordPress there are several caching plugins to download for your site that can make an immediate impact on your websites performance. Most of these plugins are free, however they require you to upgrade to a paid account for the full benefit. Here are a few good caching plugins that will require you to upgrade to a paid account to get the best features: w3 Total Cache – WP Super Cache and Quick Cache


The free caching plugin that I really like right now is also a security plugin for your site which makes it real combo. Its called Wordfence, Its caching engine has 3 options to choose from: none, 2-3x faster, and 30 to 50 times speed increase via the Falcon Engine. If you choose to pay for the full product you get nice extra features like Two Factor Authentication giving you the ability to sign into your WordPress site with your cell phone. *UPDATED* Wordfence no longer provides a cache engine in their product, they have decided to focus on their security product.

If your website is very large you may want to consider a Content Delivery Network (CDN). What they do is place your content onto mirrored servers around the world; when a user requests your site, the node closest in proximity to user will deliver the static content, ensuring the shortest distance for the data to travel (reduced latency), therefore providing the fastest site experience. This is a paid service that usually cost’s around $9 per month and you can find a service from MaxCDN if you need a boost in page load speed.

I hope I was able to shed some light on the importance of your websites load time. If you do have a WordPress website I hope by reading this article you found some nice plugins and programs to use that will help speed up your sites performance. Please share this article if you found it to be helpful!

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