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Why does WordPress get so many updates?

As a web designer who prefers to use WordPress I get asked this question a lot. Why does WordPress get so many updates? It is a valid question that deserves an answer which is why I am taking my time to answer it on my websites blog.

WordPress and all of the plugins that we use on the sites seem to get updated quite often. I will liken plugins for WordPress to Apps on phones. They are basically small programs that further extend or add functionality to your WordPress website. For example I always add security plugins to all of my WordPress websites to add extra layers of protection to the website since hacking has been a big problem lately.

Some people will tell you that WordPress is not secure as a lot of WordPress websites seem to get hacked.

This statement is not true. #1 all websites are vulnerable no matter what they were designed with. The key factor is how often the website has been updated. Just as your computer tech will tell you to keep your computers operating system up to date as well as all of the security software, the same goes for your website. If you have a website that was built and just left alone, it will have security vulnerabilities and exploits that are well know and documented which hackers will look for. Chances are, if your site is up to date, they wont even try to “get in”, they will move on to the next target and check for its version. An older version will have plenty of known back doors they can exploit.

This is why I love WordPress

The WordPress team releases updates every time an exploit is discovered. This is very helpful for the WordPress community as a whole as it allows you (or your web designer) the ability to keep your WordPress website secure. When the updates are released, most of the plugin authors will also release updates to make sure they are compatible. This again makes sure that your entire website is kept up to date and maintains the latest in security. Updates are not all security related though, often the designers have found a way to simplify code or streamline a process and this means they can trim the fat from the codebase which means a faster website for you and your visitors.


WordPress releases updates often to combat any exploits found which helps to ensure your website is secure and stable. If you do not keep up with the updates of your WordPress website then your website will be vulnerable to unauthorized access, hacking and exploitation. They also add functionality, new features and speed up the website with new better code through updates.

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