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We’ve partnered with Termageddon to ensure our clients have access to policies that automatically update themselves to comply with all of the new state’s requirements. If your website has a contact form, anyone from any country or state could use it, meaning you need to be in compliance with each state’s and countries individual privacy requirements or be at risk of lawsuits. That’s a tough challenge for any company that doesn’t have a full-time legal team working for them. Rather than risk a lawsuit for noncompliance why not use an inexpensive service that automatically updates your policies in real-time for you?  That was a rhetorical question, you don’t want a lawsuit. Get yourself an auto-updating policy and protect your company with a 10% discount right now.

Complete Setup In 3 Steps
1. Buy one license, which includes a set of policies to protect one website.

2. Answer some questions about your business and website.

3. Copy and paste the embed code into the body of the policy page.

Set it and forget it
When you embed a Termageddon policy onto a website, it will automatically be updated by Termageddon whenever the law changes.

One dashboard, unlimited installations
Agencies and businesses with multiple domains appreciate a single dashboard to manage everything.

Automatically updating
The law is constantly changing, and keeping a constant eye on when you need to update a policy can be daunting. Save yourself time and money. We update the policies, automatically, whenever changes need to be made.

Override Updates
Want to edit parts of the agreement? No problem, each section, when manually edited, remains intact, regardless of future updates.

Easy Setup
Answer a few questions to quickly generate any policy. 

Unlimited Changes
Websites are no longer static. They are constantly updating. When you add a new feature or functionality and need to update your policy, simply update the installations questionnaire with your change.

Sharing Enabled
Easily share your installation with your web developer, client, or attorney. Users can add and update installation policies as well as copy the embed code to put onto the website.

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