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For your Search Engine Optimization campaign to be successful, you need to make sure you are utilizing all forms of SEO which include the on page content, the Meta/Title/Alt tags (under the hood) as well as Social Media triggers and Backlinking. Forgetting even one of these areas will drastically reduce your authority with the Major Search Engines and give your competition the advantage in the search results. With my system any business can get to the first page and climb as far to the top as they want to.

On page content

The on page content needs to explain in detail what service or product you offer and has to include your keywords. These keywords are what I use to send signals to the search engines that a certain keyword is important to a certain page and alerts them that this page should show up in the search results accordingly. Instead of stuffing one page with too many keywords, I see far better results trying to focus one page for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. Another way to use your content in a positive way is to add fresh content as often as possible. The search engines send spiders to crawl your site daily and will report back to them how often your site gets updated and or fresh content. If your site is created and left alone to stagnate, the search engines will not want to place your site on the first page in the search results. Quality content as well as fresh content will send good signals to the search engines.


Titles are probably the most important part of the on page and the under the hood Search Engine Optimization fields. This is where I define the most important keyword or keyword phrase for a particular page on your website. This field is used on the webpage itself, as well as coded into the under the hood section of your site that users do not see in the Meta Title. Some webmasters perform “keyword stuffing” which means they cram as many keywords as possible onto one page of your site. There are some situations where this is acceptable but often it is not a good practice. I have seen much better results from using a single “focus keyword” or keyword phrase for a single page. Also the search engines have been looking for “spamy content” which is exactly what keyword stuffing is, to de-rank the sites that are using this practice.

Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are important as they use your keywords and keyword phrases to create a snippet that is part of the results that users see when they search for either your company name or keywords related to your company. Utilizing this meta description correctly is the key to both showing up in the search results and gives the potential customer a brief description to read about your site. Some webmaster incorrectly utilize this field by either writing too much content here or not enough content. There is a finite amount of content that will show up in the search results in the meta description field so it will truncate any excess by adding…. these periods to the end if you have added too much content. If you used too little content here than you are run the risk of not adding enough keywords which will result in less views of that page in the search results.

Social Media Signals

Utilizing your social media sites correctly is a very good way to send the right signals to the search engines that your site is going viral. The search engines will rank your site in the searches accordingly. This is done by posting to your social media sites with content that links back to your website. This can be done by simply posting a URL from your website to your social media pages. When your followers like and share your content this sends even stronger signals to the search engines. It is also a very good method to get other people to your website as they click on the link which takes them right to your site. You can also post images or product descriptions to your social media sites, just make sure you post a link to your website in the post as well.

Alt Tags

Alt Tags are another part of the under the hood search engine optimization fields. This is used to reinforce your keywords by adding a tag to a picture or image that is on your page. Its not something that anyone sees on your site. Its coded into the image itself and adds extra signals to let the search engines know that this particular keyword or keyword phrase is important to this certain page. It also allows a potential customer to perform a search and use the images option that shows images instead of text results. This is an often unused field that gets overlooked by some webmasters.


Backlinking is perhaps one of the easiest ways to generate power and authority for your site. This method has been around for many years but a lot has changed as Google in particular has been actively trying to identify the sites with too many spammy backlinks and eliminate them from the search results. A backlink is a link to your site, that is placed on another website. sometimes it is used for users to actually see and click, but that’s not why its done. What a backlink does is demonstrate to the search engines that your website is important. The more websites that link to yours, the more important your website must be. That is how the search engines see it period. Keep in mind this has to be done carefully and correctly or else Google will see it as spammy back linking and actually de-rank your site. This is where a good SEO professional comes in handy. Making sure all of your backlinks look natural is my highest priority. I can also find the highest quality, powerful and authoritative sites to link back to your site. This way, you don’t need very many links and your site builds power and authority quickly. This method is one of the most effective solutions for getting high ranking. Most powerful sites that already have authority with Google will rent you a backlink  for a monthly fee. The return on investment more than makes up for the fee as your sites higher ranking generates higher positioning in the search results which, in turn translate to more visitors to your site and more calls or shopping.

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