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WordPress Maintenance – Website Maintenance.

Do you keep your WordPress website up-to-date? I sure hope you do, it greatly affects the security and functionality of your website. I have had website owners call me frantically asking if I could help as they just broke their website during a plug-in update. What causes an update to break your site? It could be many factors, one likely culprit could be a corrupted file which due to the instability of the internet can happen from time to time. The result: the client website will not load, an error message replaces it. Not professional. I keep daily backups of my client’s website and database which allows me to perform an update and then make sure the update was successful. In the off chance there was a problem with the update I can easily roll it back as if there was never a problem at all. We build confidence! After you hire us you can stop worrying if your website is updated or not, you can stop worrying if you have malware on your website, focus on what matters most, your sales. We will make sure your website is healthy.
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WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance

Updates (WordPress, Themes, Plugins)

Hackers use “known exploits” or vulnerablilities that have already been discovered and posted online to gain access to out-of-date websites. This is why I stress the importance of daily updates to keep all of your websites software on the cutting edge of both security and performance

Daily Check

WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance

Website Backup

Daily back-ups are essential in ensuring even if catastrophy was to strike we could restore your site to its former glory very quickly. If you have ever performed an update on your website only to have disaster strike in a corrupted update file and crash your entire website you will be happy to know we have daily backups in place to restore your website


WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance


Every time you add a blog post to your website, add or change anything including pictures or text, or any new content is added your website creates logs of these changes that slow down your websites ability to load the newest version of its pages. Optimizing your Database can significantly speed up your page speed.

Daily Check


Malware Scanning + $5 per month

We scan your site and report our findings to you. If there is ever a problem we will have a course of action to solve the issue asap.

Monthly Check

WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance

Performance benchmarking / page speed +$5 per month

Part of what gives you a good mobile friendly rank is your page load speed. With todays emphasis on mobile friendlyness you need to be doing everything possible to ensure your site is following this trend. That is, how long it takes to load your website into a users browser. 3 seconds is what everyone is shooting for and anything slower then that is starting to negatively affect your search rankings.

Monthly Check

Paul Floyd, Owner, Blue Frog Web Design & SEO

Paul Floyd


I have been building websites since 1999 and have witnessed the rise in sophisticated attacks online. Your best protection is keeping everything up-to-date and understand the vigilance that goes into a maintenance and optimization program which keeps your website safe and secure.

WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance

Detailed Client Reports

Our clients love our maintenance reports. Every month we compile a detailed report containing all of the maintenance services that we have performed on your website for the previous month. We recomend saving these reports and going over them through the months ahead to see trends over time.
WordPress Maintenance - Website Maintenance

Google Analytics

We include Google Analytics in our reports so you have a snapshot of all of your website visitor traffic. See how many visitors viewed your site that month, where that traffic was reffered from and how much traffic was new versus returning.

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Standard Website Maintenance fee $50 per month +tax

Need to sign up for a Complex Website Maintenance Plan?

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