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5 Steps to Rebrand Your Business Like a Pro

This article will cover 5 steps to successfully rebrand your business and include some free design resources to do so.

5 Steps to Rebrand Your Business Like a Pro
5 Steps to Rebrand Your Business Like a Pro

5 Steps to Rebrand Your Business Like a Pro


If you have been in business for a while it may be time to consider a rebrand. Of course, if your business is booming and you’re getting lots of traction this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you find you are having a hard time competing or your advertising spends doesn’t return a decent ROI your branding might be misaligned. Contrary to popular belief rebranding doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This article will cover 5 steps to successfully rebrand your business and include some free design resources to do so.

  1. Do You Need to Rebrand?


Before you blindly jump into a rebranding effort it’s important you find out whether it’s actually necessary. Just because you are getting bored with your brand colors or your business is stagnant doesn’t mean your brand is the culprit. The first step in your rebranding initiative is to conduct a survey to find out whether you need to do one at all. Use a free tool like Google Surveys or engage in some direct surveying of your existing customers and business stakeholders to get their feedback. Present them with your logo and a few other brand assets to find out if your business name; brand colors and messaging are on point. Try to gather as much data as possible and only then draw your conclusion.

  1. Your Rebrand Starts With a New Logo


The first item you need to tackle during a rebrand is your logo. The logo is the foundation for your entire brand and dictates the look and feel for all of your other brand assets. Rebranding your logo can be as simple as changing the intensity of the core color in your logo or it might require a completely new design. Let your survey results drive that decision. When it comes to redesigning your logo you have lots of options ranging from using a logo maker application to hosting a design contest to hiring a graphic designer. Whichever path you choose make sure you nail your logo. Don’t simply go with a logo that you love but gather feedback from existing customers, potential leads, and business partners. Pro-tip, choose your core branding color based on how well its meaning is aligned with your business’ core values.

  1. Your Website is Next


Once you have finalized your logo the next natural step is to rebrand your website. This is typically the next phase because that’s one of the most resource-intensive efforts. Of course, if you don’t have a website you can skip this step. Although, you might want to strongly consider getting a website as it is not only a fantastic branding tool but can also do wonders for your sales efforts. When you rebrand your website build it around your logo. The look and feel of your website should be aligned with your logo. Choose the logo colors as accents pieces throughout your website, choose imagery that compliments your logo and brand message, etc. Blending your logo and website perfectly will give your entire brand a professional look.

  1. Build Out Your Other Brand Assets


With your logo and website in place, the rest of your rebranding efforts get easier. This is not to say you can rush this process but the design direction has been set at this point and you can use a rinse and repeat the formula. Make sure you implement your logo across all of your brand assets. In addition, use the branding colors as accent touches and try to be consistent in the use of visual aids like images, icons, and fonts. Building out brand assets like your business cards, presentation decks, flyers, social media posts, and flyers in a consistent matter will give your brand much-needed cohesiveness.

  1. Announce Your Rebrand to the World


A rebrand is a great opportunity to reintroduce yourself to your industry. What better way to announce these exciting changes than a rebrand party? A rebrand party will give you a deadline to work towards and an opportunity to network with business stakeholders and leads during the big unveil. Once the champagne glasses have been put away it’s time to measure the impact of your rebrand. Start gathering feedback on how well the changes were received. Do another following up survey 3-6 months down the line once your industry had some time to digest your branding changes. If your rebranding efforts were a success you should see your sales figures improve so make sure to keep track of your KPIs carefully.

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