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SEO vs SMM what’s the difference?

No other forms of advertising are needed if you devote all your time and energy to these two strategies. With that said, let’s dive into a deeper discussion of SEO vs. SMM: What’s the Difference?

seo vs smm what's the difference?

In the past couple of decades, digital marketing has developed into a crucial part of every successful business. This means that today, to reach your target audience, you need to use a wide range of marketing tools and tactics. If you’re set on accomplishing this, you have several options. However, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) are two of the most important marketing tactics. No other forms of advertising are needed if you devote all your time and energy to these two strategies. With that said, let’s dive into a deeper discussion of SEO vs. SMM: What’s the Difference?

SEO vs. SMM- In What Ways Are They Different?

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization refer to several processes that aim to increase website traffic. SEO works to improve a website’s position on a search engine’s results page. This, in turn, attracts more visitors to the website. On the other hand, social media marketing aims to increase brand awareness via engagement on social media sites. This is the primary difference between SEO and social media marketing. However, we’ll break down each of these promotional methods by discussing their unique approaches.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization

Most website owners use SEO best practices to improve their website or blog’s visibility across many different search engines. If you implement SEO correctly, you can improve your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). On-page and off-page optimization are the two main branches of search engine optimization.

seo vs smm what's the difference 2

On-page SEO

Title tags, H1 through H4 tags, URL structure, alt tags on pictures, and many other practices fall under “on-page optimization.” That is the term for the effective implementation of SEO directly inside a website. Good on-page SEO strategies are essential if you want people to find your company and its products/solutions to be found by the people who need them. Other elements of On-page optimization are:

Off-page SEO

The term “off-page SEO” is exactly what it sounds like. It encompasses techniques that website owners use outside the confines of their website to boost their SEO rank. One example of off-page SEO is inbound linking. Inbound linking entails getting other relevant and credible websites to link back to your web page. By linking to your information in their own blog and citing it as a source, other websites effectively “vote” for your work. This boosts the credibility of your website and, as a result, its visibility. Furthermore, off-page SEO, in general, necessitates far more effort on your part than on-page SEO.

What exactly is Social Media Marketing

SMM, or Social Media Marketing, refers to promoting a product or service using various social networking platforms. SMM aims to promote services and products and drive more people to a website. The primary advantage of SMM is that it makes promoting your products or services seem natural. It also enables you to interact with potential customers in ways that would be impossible without social media. You need to be on social media if you want more people to read your articles, buy your product or use your service. That being said, there are a few approaches to social media marketing that you can take.

seo vs smm what's the difference?

Sharing images

Image sharing is the approach you can take if you want to market your business and show off your wares all at once. You can do this by using an online image hosting service. Many individuals utilize photo-sharing websites to advertise their products and services using competitions and freebies. Many people like posting photos and videos on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Sharing videos

With video-sharing, you can share long-form video content that shows off what you have to offer. You can do this on many social media sites that facilitate the uploading and sharing videos. Promote your brand by providing relevant information, making how-to videos, and answering their questions in person. Popular video-sharing websites include Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

Social Blogging

The phrase “publishing platforms” describes social media services that encourage user-generated content. You may potentially expand your brand’s reach and attract new readers using social blogging sites. Repurposing some of your current blog posts for use here is a great way to get people to come back to your main site. Popular social blogging sites include Medium and Tumblr.

Paid Ads

This approach is simple. If you have a certain budget for your digital marketing effort, you can spend some money on social media advertisements that are going to “push” your content to more people on whichever platform you are on. How much you should spend on this will depend on how large your company/website is and how integral social media is to your brand. There is no need to go overboard on paid advertising if your only goal in SMM is to drive traffic to your website.

Which One Should You Go With?

The ultimate aim of any search engine optimization effort is to increase organic traffic to your website. Additionally, it boosts your page rank and attracts more clients. Although search engine optimization doesn’t cost a dime, seeing results can take a while.

seo vs smm what's the difference?

On the other hand, Social Media Marketing can rapidly disseminate content if you use it properly. Additionally, it integrates well into SEO campaigns. When people on social media share a website page or link, it may “go viral.”  This can result in a flood of links that all point back to the source.


So, SEO vs. SMM: What’s the difference? As you can see, both search engine optimization and social media marketing are potent methods for enhancing visibility, traffic, and revenue. If you use them together, these two approaches have the potential to help you reach your site’s goals in no time.


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